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CMinibus Hire UK is a well established minibus hiring company. This company boasts of the immense experience and expertise in this industry. We are based in UK and we provide minibus hiring services in the city of UK. We are competent enough and we have all what it takes to provide the best services in the minibus hiring industry.

To begin with we have a very large fleet of minibuses. These minibuses range from the 17-seater and 18 seat minibuses. These are large enough to cater for a good number of people who are on vacation or business trip. We do also have other minibuses that include; 14-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 10-seater minibuses and the 8-seater minibuses. The 8 and 10-seater minibuses are suitable for a small group of people such as a family or just a few people travelling together. Our minibuses are also very luxurious and well maintained. The drivers we have are very highly qualified and will provide the best services to you.

We also do offer other services such as accommodation, event booking, flight booking and catering services for our customers. Our prices are the best that you can ever find in this industry.

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